Friendship bands
Friendship bands I received at work, was trying to make a vertical stand out of them!

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Wed Aug 08, '07 06:22PM
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Media ID 20110714142445848  
Date Wed Aug 08, '07 06:22PM
Comments 2
Views 1770
Uploaded By unknown
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Hi Namrata,

Love the idea and very creative.  The colors are indeed rich and this image really sticks out well in this color category!  Placing it on a rich, orange spread was nice too.  My only comment would be that it is a little too hot in the middle of the bands and maybe try to calm that down?  The flash can do this, especially at such close range, so perhaps step back a little and maybe you have a lens that can zoom in to this range?  Or just maybe a little PP applied?  Just an idea as I do love this concept.    Thanks! 

Thanks Richard, yes the placement on the orange sheet was deliberate Smile Thanks for the tips, let me try 'em out !!