Meditation Dome in Auroville, Pondicherry - India
The main meditation dome signifying Auroville. Foreign nationals from all over the world live and work in Auroville.

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Mon Oct 04, '10 03:07PM
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Hi Namrata! I was at Auroville in 1995, before the dome was built much less adorned in gold. All that was there then was the dome-shaped exoskeleton. But inside that, amidst scaffolding and extensive construction, was the already completed central Meditation Chamber. It was the first thing they built, and they finished that job entirely before starting on all the rest of what you are depicting here.


Inside it was magical. You couldn't hear a single sound from all the banging and drilling outside the chamber. Inside it was a cylindrical room with a domed ceiling, all in white, with pillars creating an inner and outer curcle about halfway along the radius of the room.


At the center was a pedestal with a huge and perfect crystal globe perched atop. On the ceiling in the center of the dome was a circular hole where a shaft of sunlight pured into the room on a straight line directly to the crystal. The orb captured all that light and dispersed it evenly across the entire chamber in a mesmerizing diffuse glow. This was achieved using a dual mirror system atop the dome (visible in your photo), with one fixed mirror pointing downward to the crystal orb and one mechanized mirror calibrated to constantly capture the sun and send it to the fixed mirror.


It was a thing of genius and great beauty. That was one of the most singular travel experiences I had ever had and it went a long way to overcoming the general hokiness of the rest of Auroville, which seemed to attract European hippies moreso than spiritual seekers.


Thanks for sharing this, I have thought of this meditation chamber often over the last 16 years and am very glad to know what it looks like now!

Wow Patrick, lucky you!! You have actually been inside the Dome?? When I went, it was not open to visitors and over the years, they have made it more strict for tourists to get inside there. Thanks for describing the meditation room, I am trying to visualise it, but it wont definitely compare to what you have seen with your own eyes!! I tend to agree with you that Auroville now attracts more of the hippie crowd than the genuine followers of Sri Aurobindo Smile Thanks for sharing your experience, your excitement in seeing this photo is truly evident ... Thank you making my day Smile