colours in religion
Hare Krishna devotees writing on a public board at the local Festival of Chariots in Durban, South Africa

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Mon Apr 25, '11 09:37AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 201107061202376  
Date Mon Apr 25, '11 09:37AM
Comments 2
Views 1086
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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 I really like this Andrew, it looks like a painting - I would clone out the tiny bit of arm that is poking into the ride side

It's super!

Sri Lanka/Northern California


Fascinating image and very well captured.   The story it tells is also wonderful.  I do not know if it is my monitor, but it seems almost a little bit too saturated as I cannot read the writing on the wall that easily for the green colors, etc..  Have you tried to desaturate a little? And maybe a little less on the contrast?   It would still be very effective..but again, I do not have the fantastic monitor here in Singapore as I do in the States.  This though is really a very good and effective image!