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Mon Jun 06, '11 11:37AM
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Media ID 2011062803163398  
Date Mon Jun 06, '11 11:37AM
Comments 3
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It took me a second to realize there were religious structures atop the rocks. You might want to edit this image and provide a title, and provide some narrative in the description to help us out a little. As images go, the buildings atop the rocks are a bit hidden. Shooting this from further away where you can better see them would make a stronger impact in terms of what you are looking to convey.
Editor, Travel Photographers Network

Hi Samuel! I agree with Walter here, and more than anything else I am really just curious what location this is!

I agree with Walter and Patrick. To be honest, this is a lovely photo .. just that to keep the theme in mind, a little more elaboration will be required! Where is this place ?