Water babies in colour,
I'd like any comments on the comparison between this and the sepia shot I posted earlier

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Thu Jun 16, '11 09:06AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20110626081517157  
Date Thu Jun 16, '11 09:06AM
Comments 2
Views 1269
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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I like this much better than the first one as it is much more distinguishable as to the subjects of the image...the kids.  Also, I do like bringing them forward and eliminating the road from the first as the road was of no importance and the kids in the water are.  On this one....I like the image, but perhaps lighten the contrast a bit and desaturation the yellows too...just a hair.  My opinion...others may vary, but it seems a little too much yellow.  But again....I like this much better! 

I like this one better as this has better depth and contrast...