Young Village Girl in Laos
This young lady was standing off to herself from a large group of kids that were gathered around us when we visited a remoate village in Laos off the Mekong River. She only stood there one minute before she dashed off with her shovel. They people in these remote villages in Laos have a difficult life as so poor, yet in many ways the majority of them were very friendly.

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Fri Feb 16, '07 02:38AM
Uploaded By: Richard P Schoettger  


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Media ID 20110625101052822  
Date Fri Feb 16, '07 02:38AM
Comments 3
Views 1173
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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This is a wonderfull portrait of this young girl and it say's a lot.

But it's a very sad face that is looking at us


 This is a wonderful photo, Richard. So much texture to it.

Sri Lanka/Northern California

 The tension between her seemingly frail body and that coarse, heavy shovel is captivating.  That tiny foot propped on the shovel.  It seems impossible that she could actually dig, but yet she is holding it with the familiarity of a laborer.  It is a beautiful photo, but more importantly for me, it tells a story.