They Know Nothing
Another judge at the agricultural show in Todmorden. The bowler hat is traditional judge wear.

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Sat Jun 18, '11 06:45AM
Uploaded By: Ruud van Ruitenbeek  


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Media ID 20110622084141131  
Date Sat Jun 18, '11 06:45AM
Comments 3
Views 1110
Uploaded By Ruud van Ruitenbeek
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I saw the thumbnail and I knew it was yours.

An excellent shot and a great addition to the portrait collection you have.


I love this guy!!  The hat pushed down, the look in his eye and the overall "smugness" of his face.  Great capture!  Oh sooo proper!   Did you try cropping out the sky at all and/or maybe around the sides a bit too?   Or maybe a portrait mode around him and a hint of the ladies faces?   You capture these great scenes very, very well. 

I agree with the suggestion of cropping the sky off:

They Know Nothing v2


The straight portrait crop I am not sure about, it lacks a bit of context I think.