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One of the most interesting item about Easter Island besides the HUGE statues was what historically happened to the island. It was once rich in forests that were destroyed by the local tribes over a short period of time due to many reasons, such as possible ways to move the statues, to making boats and other things. The land is now very nutrient poor. It is considered a great example of what can happen to Earth when resources get purged due to the increased demand of the population. (Not a lecture!!)

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Thu Dec 28, '06 06:15PM
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Media ID 20110613192646672  
Date Thu Dec 28, '06 06:15PM
Comments 5
Views 1431
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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I would not have guessed this photo was from Easter Island. Is this Poike? I love the beautiful color scheme and gorgeous composition, especially the upswept cloud providing a yang to the yin of the wheat colored FG. Great work, Richard!

Regarding the tree extinction there, the Jared Diamond book "Collapse" includes the most compelling description of that deforestation that I've read - and it sounds like you are well acquainted with it!

This is certainly a different view of Easter Island than what we usually see with the statues and shoreline. Thanks for the view on the road less taken!

I really love the simplicity of this image, and the way that the clouds offer a counterpoint to the hill.

Sorry Patrick, This is actually near the Moais at Aku Akivi just northeast of Hanga Roa. These are the only moais on the island facing the ocean. I will be posing these too someday, but I just rented a car and drove around and came upon this isolated pasture-land. They basically raised horses and it actually looked so much like the hills of Nebraska or Wyoming in many ways. This was VERY surprising for me to see this here.

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This came together wonderfully.

The colours and pattern's are working together so well.