Until the Cows Come Home
Taken in southern Sri Lanka.

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Sat Jun 11, '11 10:39PM
Uploaded By: Lucy Llewellyn Byard  


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Media ID 20110611223942521  
Date Sat Jun 11, '11 10:39PM
Comments 2
Views 971
Uploaded By Lucy Llewellyn Byard
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Very unique sight!  I never thought I would see this, but now I have...thanks!  They actually look so relaxed as they stride through with the surf between their.....hooves??  I wonder if they are refreshed by this?  It would be interesting to see this in color too, but I imagine the light was hard as most beach scenes are.   Very good image!

I saw this happen in Thailand once but not in such great numbers. I suppose in India it could be an even bigger parade still.

Love the title, though for some reason I can't stop thinking "Oh when the saints go marching in" when I see this splendid image.