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Photographer in Rocky Mountain State Park
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Captured a couple of years back when visiting an Extreme Weekend, this amazing rider performed some gravity defying stunts. It looked even more dangerous as his colleague stood nonchalantly on the top of the landing slope. I cannot remember the camera settings but it was definitely my 5D with a 70-200 lens. I was in the mode of "shoot first, ask questions later" as I don't usually shoot outdoor adventure - although it was fun!

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Comments 6
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Media ID 20110606165744551 
Mon Jun 06, '11 04:57PM
Uploaded By: Tricia Kennedy  


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Media ID 20110606165744551  
Date Mon Jun 06, '11 04:57PM
Comments 6
Views 1210
Uploaded By Tricia Kennedy
Copyright © Tricia Kennedy
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Avi Hirschfield

Monday, June 06 2011 @ 11:38 PM EDT

Tricia that is great action .

It looks like the guy standing there is waiting for him to fall so that he can grab his bike  Wink

Richard P Schoettger

Tuesday, June 07 2011 @ 06:39 AM EDT

Well...I think you KNOW your camera pretty darned well!  For not have much practice in this area and even IF you have a lot of practice...this is a very, very good shot.  Sharp and well positioned.  I really like the guy standing as that adds so much to the picture.   Great conversion to mono too...even though just Photoshop!!  ;-)      I would be glad to show you a little of the Silver Efx ropes anytime.   Do you know that version 2 is available too?  I wonder if you can demo that since you already have it?  I like it a lot and using the default filters and then adjusting all the sliders available...I think it is hard to beat....but then is this!!   Thanks.

Patrick Flynn

Tuesday, June 07 2011 @ 08:39 PM EDT

I'm with Richard in considering this excellent. But I do wonder - did you shoot this in monochrome or did you convert to B&W in post. And what are your thoughts on the use of such tools as Silver Efex?

Tricia Kennedy

Wednesday, June 08 2011 @ 07:50 AM EDT

Thank you all for your lovely comments.  No, I never shoot in B&W mode - always RAW and always colour.  I look for a good histogram and keep shooting till I get one.  I've used Silver Efex Pro and it is good, I'm just not hugely familiar with it.  My thoughts on such tools?  Perfectly fine as long as they are used elegantly and to represent the scene as the photographer saw it.  I have a problem with the 'sledgehammer' approach with people using, say, HDR tools and just hitting a button and seeing the scene expand to a 'wow' moment when, actually, that's not really how it looked in the light at the scene.  Used creatively and experimenting with the sliders to get a sympathetic rendition of the scene is a good thing, imho.

I seem to have lost my smileys . . . .  Sad

Richard P Schoettger

Wednesday, June 08 2011 @ 09:12 AM EDT

Just to add my 2 cents (Singapore cents too as they are cheaper then USA..not sure of UK though??), I have two primary mindsets.  One to render the image in the best possible way to represent what I saw and to be interesting to the beholder.  That is why I personally love travel photography to show people that the world is a great place to see and experience (and therefore please do NOT screw it up!).  If I can compose a picture and bring it to what it should be ..fantastic.   I do use HDR though at times as I see many shots that the contrasts are too much, but I also try to normalize the image sometimes as best possible.  That takes a lot of practice though. 

The second type of image is purely artistic where I do not hold myself down.   If I see something that I feel is asthetically appealing, as well as others, then I go for it....go over the EDGE!   I have had good luck with my weirdo vision sometimes, so I like to play.  I do notice that a high majority of hits on my sites are with these images and people seem to like to buy them too.  A funny example of this is the picture I have in the Religious Architecture of the St Basil's Cathedral in a colored outline.  On this, it is questionable and some may think out of place, but when printed on canvas...I must say it rocks and others do too.  The club I belonged to in San Diego was expressly for the printed image, so I seemed to take more freedoms because of that.  

Finally...I am trying to think of finding a way to have a webinar where we all can share, especially a subject like B&W editting.  I know Skype has some capabilities now, but need to check out more.  Of course, getting someone in Singapore, UK and the USA at the same time will be challenging...but it would be FUN!!   I can show you then all the wonderful tricks of Silver Efx and the Nik Software tools.  It does take some practice with the sliders, etc.

This image still is great though.....Thanks of putting up with me!

Lucy Llewellyn Byard

Wednesday, June 08 2011 @ 08:06 PM EDT

 Good shot. Like the perspective of the guy standing there watching. Adds much more to the photo that just a bike and rider in the air.

Sri Lanka/Northern California