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This is just a few minutes drive from my home. It was my first time visiting this trail... nice view of the coastal sunset without having to go all the way to the beach.

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Sat Jun 04, '11 02:42AM
Uploaded By: Sarah Clarehart  


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Media ID 20110604024221325  
Date Sat Jun 04, '11 02:42AM
Comments 8
Views 1039
Uploaded By Sarah Clarehart
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Sarah..I am a sucker for the soft and "fantasy" look here...I like to dream!   Color...great.   Grass and sky...great.   The only thing that I jumped on immediately was actually the horizon....did you try  to adjust the image clockwise to level out the horizon???  Was not sure. that a city skyline?????   Thanks....I really like this.

Thanks Richard.. that is a city skyline. This is Orange County and I think that area must be the industrial section near the airport in Santa Ana. Not really a very "romantic" area, but we can dream.. can't we? Smile

 Hi Sarah! Nice image - great sunset - and good to see you again on TPN (although I think I was away the longest!). 

Spectacular Sarah! What was your approach to treating this image? ND grads or PP, or both? The result is so seamless and beautiful, I'm thinking I could learn something off you here.

Spectacular sky, color, and light.  Great positioning of the person in the frame.

Patrick.. everything was done PP. I was on a hike with my daughter who was taking photos for a school project. I didn't have my "good" camera with me, just my old Rebel XTi with a Sigma 10-20 mm at 10mm, handheld. So, no fancy ND filters or anything.

I am a painter by nature so I tend to think of my digital captures as "not exactly blank" canvases waiting to be transformed.

love the softness and the colours, right time, right place, great image..

 Its a beautiful image! If I was to critique, I'd say it looks a little overprocessed for my liking, but art is art!