Female soldier on armoured car
Taken during military exercise -She is the Armoured car's commander.

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Wed Sep 10, '03 05:50AM
Uploaded By: Avi Hirschfield  


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Media ID 20110603030008331  
Date Wed Sep 10, '03 05:50AM
Comments 4
Views 1976
Uploaded By Avi Hirschfield
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A very poignant picture. She looks like a child and should not be part of a killing machine. The realisation that this happy, smiling person might kill or be killed makes me very sad.

I agree with Ruud that the juxtaposition of this attractive young lady's sweet smile against her military setting is quite jarring. However I do not lament it the same way at all.

Rather I think it is an excellent exposition of the general success of the Platonic model that Israel employs, of putting every single citizen into the military for two years at the start of adulthood. That model is extremely unique, not just in the world today but in all of world history, and it has always struck me as exceptionally egalitarian at heart. As a philosophical libertarian I have always admired that model to a great degree, and this image immediately struck me as an affirmation of it.

Thanks for posting this Avi, I really love it!

I completely agree with Ruud with how such a charming young lady can possibly do what they are trained to do and I love her eyes.  How they express such an opposite sense of being with all that military gear around her head.  My only other comment is that I think there may be too much of a white background on the left side....,maybe crop that down to fit 11x14 size or something aong those lines???   

Yes, very poignant and I agree with the comments above. The white space bothers me a bit and I agree with Richard.  I would be tempted to be more extreme with the crop and make it a square so that we only see her face and the face of the soldier in the background.  This might give more impact. Nonetheless, it's a very good portrait.  Good capture.