Wave in Kalk Bay Harbour, South Africa
This is a picture from Kalk Bay, which is a bit south of Cape Town on the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula.

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Fri Feb 08, '08 03:31PM
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Media ID 20110526073920441  
Date Fri Feb 08, '08 03:31PM
Comments 9
Views 2068
Uploaded By unknown
Aperture Value f//10
Artist Jesper Vasell
Copyright Jesper Vasell
Date/Time Fri Feb 08, '08 10:31AM
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash No Flash
Focal Length 170 mm
Image Description Fiskare i hamnen i Kalk Bay, Sydafrika.
ISO 200
Make Nikon Corporation
Metering Mode Pattern
Model NIKON D50
Sensing Method One Chip Color Area Sensor
Shutter Speed Value 1/250 sec
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Hello Jesper - this is a dramatic shot!  I visited Kalk Bay some years back - but not in these weather conditions.  While it is a very dramatic capture, I think you may have bumped up the saturation a little too strongly.  I've looked at this on a couple of different monitors and I see the sky as being very cyan and there seems to be some very strong green in the colour of the water. This gives an unnatural look to an otherwise dramatic image.  I suggest going back to your original image file and looking again at your post processing.  I hope this is helpful. Presumably the fisherman on the harbour arm got a soaking? 

Hi Jesper,

I agree with Tricia here, I feel the saturation is a little too much, the bollards even appear to be a little too deeply coloured... that said, it is a great photo of a stormy False Bay, and the fishermen who earn their livelihoods  from it, I set sail from there, on a much quieter morning some years back with a local fisherman...... I have also spent a few afternoons at the Brass Bell watching the sea crash into the breakwater there and soaking up a very laid back atmosphere...fantastic restaurant and bar and definitely a place to visit when in Cape Town...

Jesper, I have viewed this on three montiors and have to agree with Tricia and Andrew.

However, the fix for that is so easy. What's not at all easy is the capture of an image this powerful and triumphant. Awesome spectacle very well portrayed - congratulations to you!

 Thanks for your comments, all of you. I agree regarding my post-processing - the colours are not ok. It has been a while since I took the original and I would like to think my ability, both in capturing and post-processing, has improved. To test that, I have made a new version of it which can be seen on my web site: www.jespervasell.se.

Once again, thanks for you constructive criticism.

Jesper - the version at the link you posted seems MUCH improved! Excellent tweaking there. If I did anything more it would be to isolate the FG seawall and waters that are in shadow, and flatten the contrast there a little while adding a touch of red (or subtracting cyan). I imagine that this would render an image even more like what your eyes saw at that amazing moment of capture.

Awesome shot! 

Excellent job catching the power of that wave. I love seeing people in big wave shots for sense of scale. Well done!

 A more than amazing capture, Jesper. I live half an hour's drive from Kalkbay and have been there many a time but have never seen such waves. With people standing around! You obviously one of them.  I would have grabbed my gear and run. Good luck with the improvement of your postproduction.


Love this Shot even if the saturation is high.

I know those waves and have seen them plenty

Great capture

AVI Wink

 Jesper, Awesome catch! Better than what the fishermen caught, I'm sure!

Sri Lanka/Northern California