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Mission Esp
Mission Espiritu Santo in Goliad TX

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Sat May 08, '10 05:45PM
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Media ID 20110522205651359  
Date Sat May 08, '10 05:45PM
Comments 6
Views 1204
Uploaded By unknown
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I love photographing old missions such as this, just don't get to often. I think this could be a dramatic image if you lightened up the building some, and added contrast to the sky (if you are using Lightroom, try the clarity slider as well). It might look good in B&W too. As is, it looks a bit too flat. If you don't mind, I grab it and show you what I mean.

Sure that would be great.  I'd like any tips for editing my photos.  I don't use lightroom - but I do use photoshop quite a bit.  Still learning my way around it tho.  I have lightroom - but have never used it.

 Hello Teresa - nice image and I see what you are trying to convey.  I agree with Joe's comments and I would add that the perspective of the building looks a little odd.  In Lightroom there is a facility for lens correction and I'm wondering if this would help.  The building appears to be leaning slightly to the left and possibly you could correct that in Photoshop.  I would also lighten the building (as Joe says) and I'm in two minds as to whether the tree branch adds to the shot or detracts.  The sky is lovely but my eye keeps wandering up to the tree branch and away from the main subject of the photograph, i.e. the building.  It's a nice image and I hope my comments are helpful. 

repost with some Photoshop work
repost with some Photoshop work


I didn't know how to do a re-post and asked Walter how in one of the forums. Thanks Walter for the explanation! I have already sent this repost to Teresa via email, but now that I know how to post it here, I'm doing so.

Basically, I did a rough correction for the distortion using the Lens Correction filter (under Distort on the Filter pull down menu), then used the Quick Selection tool to select the sky and used a curves layer to increase contrast. I then inversed the selection and did another curves layer to lighten the building. And finished by doing a slight bit of dodging and burning to lighten the grass and darken the sky more on the top and left. In total, about 5 minutes of work (though it would take longer if I was trying to do it seriously on a full res image). Though I mentioned Lightroom in my previous comment, I used PS since Teresa said she doesn't have Lightroom installed. Concerning Tricia's comment about the tree branch, I agree. It could have been easily cloned out, I just didn't take the time to do it.


Thanks Joe.  I really love what you did with the photo. 

Good job Joe. I like what you did. And glad the procedure for including images in Gallery comments worked as I explained it in the TPN Web Development forum.

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