Bazar de Grand Baie
The main entrance at the bazaar in Grand Baie, the capital of Mauritius.

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Tue May 17, '05 08:48AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20110515210347783  
Date Tue May 17, '05 08:48AM
Comments 3
Views 1506
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Date/Time Tue May 17, '05 04:48AM
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This is a nice, bold composition with great color saturation.  I've created a lot of travel slide shows over the years, and I often use signs from the sites I visit as title slides, and this subject might make a great one.  I say "might" because part of the name is obscured by the statue.  I also find the leaves (or whatever) that are hanging down into the frame to be somewhat distracting.  I wonder if moving slightly to the right of the statue would have revealed the entire sign without adding any other distracting elements to the compositon?

Hi Roger, thanks for the commentary, it is always appreciated.

I included the palm leaves across the top hoping they would add a little interest, but I may PS them out to see if the image is better that way as you suggest. I really had no way to maneuver them out at the shutter but I am not averse to enhancements in post!

About the sign, the angle that included the entire city name was much less flattering - I checked all around this scene and kept landing back at this framing. It was my hope that enough of the city name would be there, like if the sign said "iladelphia" (and the viewer would backwards engineer the "Ph"Wink.

All in all you are certainly right that this image is more of a filler shot to provide context to other images from the same area.

 Fun one, Patrick! I say out with the leaves! But that's a big PP job. I'd only do it, if I were going to sell the photo. Too many other things to work on. :-)

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