Spider Web Rice Fields of Flores Island, Indonesia
One of the unique sites on Flores Island in Indonesia are the Spider Web "Lingko" Rice Fields. This has been an age old tradition of the local tribes to bring unity to all the people. They believed that the central point was a common and equal point for all the people to meet with the tribal head in case of challenges or adversity. Equality was a big part of their life...who said democracy was dead!!

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Thu May 12, '11 06:46PM
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Media ID 20110513215112204  
Date Thu May 12, '11 06:46PM
Comments 3
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Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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I like to think of myelf as worldly, Richard, but I have never seen or even heard of this type of rice paddy. So thanks for the education!

And I would add that the photo itself is spectacular. I love the verdant sweep of the plain, bathed in dappled sunlight and set within this pano format. Well done!

Richard I agree with Patrick on his comments,

Never heard or seen this before

Thank you

 Love this, Richard. We don't have that kind of paddy fields here in Sri Lanka. Farmers here are more about themselves rather than the whole, I believe.

I'd add a bit of black to the photo in levels. Seems a bit flat.

Excellent find!

Sri Lanka/Northern California