Temple of Understanding..
The Hare Krishna Temple of understanding in Durban, South Africa, the stunning architecture and interiors aside, an interesting aspect of this temple is that the windows and mirrors inside were all made with gold dust mixed into the glass, hence giving the golden reflections...

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Fri May 06, '11 04:33AM
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Media ID 20110507174941436  
Date Fri May 06, '11 04:33AM
Comments 3
Views 1446
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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 ooops, and a spelling error in my Watermark.... :-( .....   

Well that watermark was the very first thing I noticed and was planning to really spell this out!  :-)   Actually I love the sets of three (spires), two (side walls) and one (door) in a very pleasant way.   Interesting place and (due to the building), I do hope I understand this well! 

 I particularly like the symmetry of this building and the fact that you have captured it straight on.  The shadows are very strong and I would be tempted to lighten up the shadowy doorway just a little.  I'm finding the railing (?) leading up to the doorway a little distracting and I would personally be tempted to clone it out.  It's a good shot and I'll bet that when the sun is in a different position then the building would light up dramatically. Well captured.