Early Morning in the valley..
A view of the Hills and valleys that make up the tributary system for the Umkomaas River in the Ixopo region of South Africa, the cloud that can be seen kept on coming and this was the best weather for that day..

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Tue Feb 22, '11 10:46PM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20110504082659701  
Date Tue Feb 22, '11 10:46PM
Comments 3
Views 926
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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Andrew you are making me very homesick for the EP as I was born in Umtata and grew up in PE and JHB.



ahh, a Transkei lad, then this shot should be close to your heart...very similar surroundings... where one can get to the unspoilt regions of the Transkei, the photographic potential is awesome, problem is taking ones chances on those roads these days. Will definitely keep them coming...

Lovely rolling hills so verdant and lush...I wasn't born there like Avi but I can appreciate feeling the pull of this place!