Zanzibar Fishing Fleet
Shot on Ektachrome film from the beach at Matemwe, Zanzibar.

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Fri Apr 22, '11 03:17PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20110422152553879  
Date Fri Apr 22, '11 03:17PM
Comments 7
Views 1363
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Andrew Brown's recent Zanzibar posts have inspired me to put this up. This scene was like shooting fish in a barrel, because the local fishing fleet of dhows passed through this idyllic FG twice every day!

Great light direction, colors and composition! Result: Very strong image!

This is great Patrick. I like the position of the boats as to the horizon especially. If anything I'd leave a little more room on the right than left to imply an open area for the movement, and maybe bring the highlights up a tad. Nice work!

I would have thought you stood around for hours waiting to capture these boats in such a precise way. They remind me of a school of sharks! Very nice shot.

"It's not the's the journey!"

I'm glad I inspired you to show that shot, and I fully agree about Matemwe, and Zanzibar as a whole. It is a photographers dream. I have a shot of the fish market at Matemwe which just about sums up the island. That is a great shot you got there, and it is already giving me itchy feet to return..

Great shot and what makes it for me is the smaller boat in front with the sail all patched up.

I love the lines and positioning.   I agree 100% with all the above comments.  I am curious though...what would it do if you gave the sails a little more pop and bring on the contrast/white a little more?