The Last Battle
"Here lie burried the men of the army of Prince Charles who fell at Clifton Moore, 18th December 1745"

This is the site of the last battle on English soil, and this grave stone marks the mass grave of the defeated Scottish soldiers as they fled north to Scotland and eventual decimation at Culloden. The tree above has b...een known as "The Rebel Tree" since those days.

It is a very sorrowful place.

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Wed Apr 13, '11 02:19PM
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Media ID 20110413141151998  
Date Wed Apr 13, '11 02:19PM
Comments 5
Views 1291
Uploaded By Rob Sutherland
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This shot evokes the mood perfectly. Lighting is great.

I would have to agree with Tim.  In addition, this effectively provides a haunting sense of historical suffering during wars of all kinds.   Excellent image.  

Very evocative, and I'm not even a Scotsman, though I do love the place!

When looking at this image a bit longer it strikes me that this small unpreposessing memorial is still cared for. The lichen fits the scene, but only grows on the edge of the stone. Caring hands touch it away from the copper plaque. People also leave beautiful flowers (I don't think the lillies are plastic, but if they are don't tell me!)

The only slight niggle is that the ND filter just seems to cover the top of the stone.

Cheers all - it is a tiny memorial you are quite right, but is most certainly cared for - there is a small wooden sign outside that was put up by one of the Gaelic societies, and a ribbon of tartan tied around the gate post.  It really hit me hard going here, despite it being a memorial to events that happened 260 years ago or so.

This is a truly beautiful shot, you can feel the sorrow leaping off the screen at you! Very nicely done and absolutley perfect for this travel challenge!

"It's not the's the journey!"