"Paisano". San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Sun Nov 08, '09 08:24PM
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Media ID 20110409195019119  
Date Sun Nov 08, '09 08:24PM
Comments 3
Views 1313
Uploaded By unknown
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A unique perspective - from just a few feet away with a wide angle lens, I would guess. It results in a very strong composition. Was all this just natural light or did you set something up off to the right?


Yes, I think the guy looked like some kind of "super hero" (or anti-hero, perhaps...) with a red cape, the knife, etc.That s why the distorted perspective liked to me for the composition.

The sun light was behind the subject so, I used an external flash with a white umbrella a couple of meters from the subject. Regards!


Congrats on the Editors pick- Well deserved! Super use of the wide angle. Very interesting subject.