Agriculture meets fishing
Zanzibar, after a mornings diving, our boat dropped us off at this beach at a fishing village on the east coast of Zanzibar. At this time all the fishing dhows were also returning from their days fishing and the local population, and cattle were coming down to welcome them home.. the combination of sand, sea, and contrasts made this shot very easy for me.

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Fri Feb 18, '11 12:56PM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20110404064644137  
Date Fri Feb 18, '11 12:56PM
Comments 2
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Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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That is certainly an interesting image and story. The contrast is a bit harsh. The dark areas of the boats almost go to black. I assume from the lighting that this was mid day or afternoon when light is the most intense. If you have lightroom or photoshop, you might try to do some shadow recovery or reduce the contrast to try and bring some detail back into those dark shadow areas. I also think you could crop a little off the bottom as I personally feel there is more open beach in the foreground than necessary to convey the story.

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yup it was a midday shot, and we were being rushed back to our transport as the guide was running late, so literally it was a shot on the run. I will play with it as suggested and see how I can improve...

once again, thanks for the input..