a rickshaw photographed at sunset from a rooftop in Mahajanga, Madagascar

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Sat May 07, '05 09:30AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20110329214329897  
Date Sat May 07, '05 09:30AM
Comments 2
Views 1251
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Wow.. great composition! Well titled! It's so strong, I almost think it might also  work really well in Black and white.

Thanks Sarah! I honestly hadnt even considered B&W on this file before now. The rich hues of sunset light had distracted me from thinking that way at all.

That kind of feedback is what I'm posting here for, so thanks a lot! I'll give your suggestion a whirl to see if the tonal separation can provide an effect as resonant as the magic hour colors do (for me anyway).