I shot this last week at the Jama Masjid in old Delhi, India. We had been run out by security so that the faithful could do their prayers. Upon returning there were still a few people doing du'a their private prayers of supplication as opposed to group prayers called namaz. The light inside the mosque is full of bounce light from the marble flooring in the courtyard and giving a nice soft feel next to the beautiful sandstone walls.

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Thu Mar 10, '11 11:59PM
Uploaded By: Matt Brandon  


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Media ID 20110317161522709  
Date Thu Mar 10, '11 11:59PM
Comments 5
Views 3333
Uploaded By Matt Brandon
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Hi Matt, great to see your posts here on TPN again. I really like the quality of light in this image. The way you have accomplished the sharpness and softness at the same time is beautiful. Generally vertical background lines coming out of the top of the subjects head are to be avoided, but in this case work well due to the horizontal lines bringing the attention to the subject.

Thanks for the comment Bob. You're absolutely right. Quite frankly, it's one of those things you look at later and say, “Dang! I wish I would've saw that in the viewfinder.” It still works, but in looking at it in light room I realize I should've scooted 2 inches to the right. Just goes to show we all live and learn. The softness of this comes from that beautiful 50 1.2. It and its cousin the 80 1.2 are a thing of beauty.

Hi Matt! Good to see you again!

It is indeed a beautiful light and (of course) you did a super job of capturing it. I can almost hear the quiet of this moment.

This is classic travel photography - such an intimate portrait of such a foreign experience. Thanks for sharing this, it's truly resonant.

Thank you all for your comments and your critques. Always appreciated.