misty view
sunrise "Little Adam's Peak" Sri -Lanka

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Media ID 20110310013750231 
Mon Jan 31, '11 04:25AM
Uploaded By: Avi Hirschfield  


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Media ID 20110310013750231  
Date Mon Jan 31, '11 04:25AM
Comments 4
Views 957
Uploaded By Avi Hirschfield
Aperture Value f//6.4
Artist Photographer:Avi Hirschfield
Copyright Copyright: Avi Hirschfield Photography
Date/Time Sun Jan 30, '11 11:25PM
EXIF Image Height 573 pixels
EXIF Image Width 840 pixels
Exposure Bias -1.33 EV
Flash No Flash
Focal Length 17 mm
IPTC: Byline Photographer:Avi Hirschfield
IPTC: Copyright Notice Copyright: Avi Hirschfield Photography
ISO 160
Make Canon
Metering Mode Pattern
Model Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed Value 29/91595 sec
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This is cool.  I like the mysterious feel about it.  I am concerned a touch with the tree getting chopped along the top of the frame?  Also, how would this look maybe if shot in the vertical format?  I'm wondering if it could be a stronger image that way?  I do like what you have here.

I was a little concerned at first with the amount of darkness at the bottom. After giving the image a few moments, time to really look it over and get the feel, I like it as is. Well done.

Shooting head-on into the Sun is one of the toughest lighting situations we face. I'm wondering whether some shadow and highlight recovery would help bring down the contrast and expose some more details. I love seeing over the top of the clouds on the left, but the lack of detail in the shadows and the blown out sun and clouds in the sky are distractions for me.

Edited on Monday, March 14 2011 @ 04:54 PM EDT by Walter


I broadly agree with Walter, but just want to add that this is one of those photographs that I just have to keep coming back to look at again and again - partially as I try to make my mind up about it with my technical head on... and partially as I find it quite interesting as a photograph despite... or possibly because... of the flaws.