So let's try TPN 3.0
Walter convinced me to give TPN 3.0 a try, so here goes.
I visited the Venice carnival and joined the hoards of photographers around sunrise shooting the costumed models.

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Mon Feb 28, '11 05:00PM
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Media ID 20110309183921170  
Date Mon Feb 28, '11 05:00PM
Comments 4
Views 1496
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 Hey Ian! Great to 'see' you! I look forward to seeing more of your photos. :-)

Sri Lanka/Northern California

Ian, I like what you are after with this.  I do wish you had caught the model just a second earlier so they were completely in the concrete on the right side of the frame.  It is strong as is, just wish for that half second sooner!  I like the quality of light you have caught.

I like it too..  just a couple of notes. It feels to me like there is too much dead space on the right.. so maybe a slight crop there? Also, and maybe it's just my moniter, but it feels a little flat. A bit more brightness and contrast I think would really make it sing! Just my two cents. Smile

Hi Sarah,

The idea was to split the frame in two equal portions. Maybe that doesn't work as well as I hoped. I took many, many shots of this model. I also have the tighter frameing that you might prefer.