Street Cleaner
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Sat Mar 05, '11 01:33AM
Uploaded By: Lucy Llewellyn Byard  


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Media ID 20110305013345842  
Date Sat Mar 05, '11 01:33AM
Comments 4
Views 1530
Uploaded By Lucy Llewellyn Byard
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Lucy, for me this one feels like you are just a touch too far away?  There doesn't have any intimacy with the cleaner and feels a bit like a snap shot?  Also, maybe a touch of fill flash to really bring out their face.

Lucy, she has such an interesting face that she really needs a tighter crop. You can easily lose some of the top and both sides while still showing enough of the brush and pile of leaves to show what her job is. :-)

I would mirror the comments above however i might add that an alternative might have been a longer horizontal as more of an environmental portrait

I agree about a tighter crop.. but I also like the criss-crossing diagonals created by the broom and shovel.. so not TOO tight! Smile