A Dam Sunrise
I combined 3 image as a HDR merge here to get the detail.

4 sec
ISO 200
Merged / Edited in PSPX3

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Wed Feb 23, '11 01:13PM
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Media ID 20110223131311509  
Date Wed Feb 23, '11 01:13PM
Comments 3
Views 1500
Uploaded By unknown
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Awesome Dam Photo Alan!! I am not much of a fan of HDR but its growing on me. Impresive result!!!

Well done Alan. The colors in the sky look a little muted (unsaturated). Was that done on purpose? A result of the HDR merge? I might punch them up a little (for my taste).

Usually I HATE HDR - it's overdone and overused.


But this one shows how it can and should be employed - it's a very naturalistic looking shot (that is to say it isn't screaming HDR at me) and that would suggest that this is entirely the circumstances in which HDR should be used to best effect. 


Top shot :-)