Eagle owl in the fynbos
I was very fortunate to get a daylight shot of this spotted eagle owl. i was walking along a dirt road in a nature reserve and as I passed a bush, there it was... I'm not sure who was more surprised, but I do know I was quicker on the upshot and got the image before the owl flew away

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Mon Oct 07, '13 12:40PM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20131107065332904  
Date Mon Oct 07, '13 12:40PM
Comments 2
Views 1381
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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This is a great environmental portrait. I really like the colors and the off-center placement. The only nit I would provide is it needs a little catch light in the eyes via a little on-camera fill flash. I wouldn't have to be much, maybe -1.7 flash compensation. It only needs to show up as a catch light in the eyes. It doesn't need to really add any light elsewhere. Nice job Andrew.

thanks, I agree that a little fill flash would have helped, but the 6D only has a flash attachment, and on a sunny day like that one, I really didn't expect to get close to any birds, let alone the owl..so I didn't even have my flash with me... and by the time I had activated it all the owl would have flown... it took off literally a split second after I took this image.. unfortunately the sun was also in the wrong position to get any reflection from the eye.. that said, I believe the pair of owls are regular visitors to the tented camp which was not far away from where this was taken, so if I ever return, I shall be better prepared