Mesquite Flat Dunes
I've always been impressed by others' photos of shadows on sand dunes, so of course I had to take some of my own when I was in Death Valley National Park recently. My wife and I stayed in the park motel at Stovepipe Wells, which is a short drive from Mesquite Flat Dunes. I arrived at the dunes about an hour before sunset and ended up walking about a mile from the parking lot out into the dunes in order to get some of the compositions that I was looking for. There were quire a few people walking among the dunes, so I took advantage of that to compose a few shots with people in them for scale. This was my favorite. I headed back toward my car about 10 minutes before the sun sank behind the mountains and put the dunes in shadow.

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Sun Sep 22, '13 08:54PM
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Media ID 20131027122747506  
Date Sun Sep 22, '13 08:54PM
Comments 1
Views 1216
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Really nice use of the light.   Color and shadows are excellent and having the person in the image really adds to the dimensions.  A few too many footprints IMO...but still very good as it attracts my senses well...makes me want to go.