Water Lily Reflection
Taken today at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.

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Media ID 20130807193745696 
Wed Aug 07, '13 09:56AM
Uploaded By: Roger Maki  


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Media ID 20130807193745696  
Date Wed Aug 07, '13 09:56AM
Comments 4
Views 1639
Uploaded By Roger Maki
Aperture Value f//11
Date/Time Wed Aug 07, '13 05:56AM
EXIF Image Height 683 pixels
EXIF Image Width 455 pixels
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash No Flash
Focal Length 250 mm
ISO 100
Make Sigma
Metering Mode Pattern
Model SIGMA SD14
Sensing Method One Chip Color Area Sensor
Shutter Speed Value 1/6 sec
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Great color and reflection, Roger. My only wish is that you give it a bit more room on the left to avoid having the one petal and corresponding reflection cut off by the frame.

Thanks, Joe.  I know exactly what you mean about the left edge of the photo.  Just a couple of days ago a processed another version of this photo in which I expanded the canvas size and duplicated the background color in the expanded areas in order to give the lily more space.  I also added some gaussian blur to the background and created a somewhat different looking image that I like better than this one.  My critics may not agree with my new "artistic" interpretation of this photo.

 Agree  with that also I personally would open up in the shadows making them slightly lighter.The color is great as is the subject

I agree with Joe and Avi. More room on the left, open up the shadows. Water lilies are one subject where I find centering them (versus the rule of thirds) tends to work really well. Great colors. That Sigma Foveon X-3 sensor does great with those.