fisherman on work ...
fishermen preparing nets, boats and other equipment for fishing as soon as possible

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Fri Apr 13, '12 10:02AM
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Media ID 20130409223020663  
Date Fri Apr 13, '12 10:02AM
Comments 2
Views 854
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I like the overall scene, but there are a few changes I would consider if a future opportunity came. I would try to get the face looking towards the nets and camera instead of away from the camera. I would move my vantage point to eliminate that pole coming across the bottom edge, and to eliminate the other pole coming into the left edge of the frame and into his chest (and the front of that boat also coming in from the left edge). Those are distracting. These changes would "clean" it up and keep it simpler, focusing completely on the fisherman, his nets and his boat.
Edited on Friday, April 12 2013 @ 10:32 AM EDT by Walter

 thx for the suggestion ... i'll try next time ^_^