Helminadia Ranford
I'm just a girl with camera,I love to travel and taking pictures mostly Landscapes,cityscapes and some portraiture, I have been traveling to some beautiful countries such as Argentina,Chile,China,USA,England,Malaysia,Indonesia,Nepal,Bahrain,Qatar,Dubai,Japan,Singapore,Australia for the last 8 years.

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Sun Mar 24, '13 06:36PM
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Media ID 20130325155304838  
Date Sun Mar 24, '13 06:36PM
Comments 3
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Welcome Helminadia.   I love this site as it really offers valuable information and imagery from throughout the world and it really looks like you have a lot to offer.   I look forward to seeing some of your work here on the site.  

Welccome Helminadia, great to see new faces on TPN. I hope you enjoy the site and post your own images up for us to look at. As Richard says, it's great to see other people and new images from their travels.