Kuala Lumpur Clock Tower
The clock tower forms a part of magnificent Sultan Abdul Samad building completed in 1897. This is the most photographed building in the city, with a 40m clock tower affectionately dubbed "Big Ben", topped with a golden dome and flanked on both sides by two domed towers. During state occasions, colored lights twinkle in the arches, making it look like a scene from an Arabian Nights' tale.

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Sun Feb 10, '13 03:13PM
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Media ID 20130211060512897  
Date Sun Feb 10, '13 03:13PM
Comments 2
Views 3780
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I can see why this is so popular, though I'm surprised the Petronas Towers don't attract more attention. But this classic and ancient architecture does stand out against all the modernity of Malaysia's capital city, and that makes it a compelling photo subject for sure. I love what you have done here with that Bank highrise as a backdrop and the palm tree as a foreground prop!

Really great to see your images Miro and hope to see more.  The color and sharpness are done well here with this nighttime shot, but I must contend a little with Patrick...I would want to see the bank building torn down!!  :-)  I image in its hayday, it was magnicent by itself in the middle of the city and really "shone".  Thanks for posting and well done!