Miro Susta
After many (more than 7) active membership in NPN I've changed to TPN today. I hope I will not bore you with my photographs and hope on most honest comments & critique. Feel free to criticize, if you feel that my work it not up to good photography standards and tell me what you like or dislike, I will appreciate it. Thank you.

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Thu Aug 18, '11 10:45AM
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Media ID 2013021001071523  
Date Thu Aug 18, '11 10:45AM
Comments 5
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Hi Miro, welcome to TPN! Looking forward to seeing your work and sharing opinions and critiques with you - in hopes of receiving the same from you here.

I'm curious to know why you have decided to part with NPN. I established a membership there too some years ago, but have never been active because it seems like a bit of a closed system there. I think here everyone is trying to open things up! And it is great that you join us.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your comment. Just to answer your question, I was very active in NPN during all 7 years. I've learned very much there. But on the end my contribution was mainly to flora gallery. Since I was and I still am a traveler, I missed opportunity to post my travel photos in NPN.

However I'd everybody recommend NPN. It is great professionalphoto community. I hope that TPN is of the same high standard.

Best regards, Miro

Thanks for the explanation, Miro. I hope you find what you are looking for here. I didn't find what I was looking for on NPN either but I'm sure it is a fine site - it is certainly quite popular. I'm glad that you are now here however!

Welcome to TPN, Miro. Our origins are from NPN and we are glad to have you here.
Editor, Travel Photographers Network

 `Hi Miro 

I know your work from NPN and I also have this last year decided not to continue.

I am very glad you joined TPN and we are looking forward to seeing your photographs