Durban sunset
sunset over Durban South Africa. Taken from a revolving restuarant situated 30 stories up.

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Fri Apr 13, '12 01:38PM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20130202050437536  
Date Fri Apr 13, '12 01:38PM
Comments 2
Views 968
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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What a view, Andrew! This is the first photo I have seen from Durban and I am glad for the expansiveness of it.

Given that you are obviously facing west, and Durban is on the east coast of South Africa, I don't think that could be the Indian Ocean at left. Is that a bay or harbor there, and what is its name??

Hiya Patrick,

yes you are indeed correct. The water on the left is the harbour, known as Durban Bay... one can see the yacht mall and in the distance Maydon Wharf.. the entrance to the harbour is behind the photographer and slightly to the left hand side. The land encircles the harbour , leaving a narrow entrance... this, incidentally, is at present the busiest harbour in Africa in terms of numbers of shiips and tonnage passing through. I very much doubt though this will continue to be the case given the increasing inefficiency in terms of handling, loading and unloading of goods. Sad but true