Kauai - Look Familiar?
Kauai is one of Hollywood's favorite places to shoot movie's and it clearly understandable why. Of the many sites, this is one of the more unknown locations, but if you are a Spielberg fan, you should get this. Can you see the herd of dinosaur's running over the hills in Jurasic Park? This is where they filmed this and nearby where they fed the brontosaurus in the trees.

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Sun Jan 27, '13 04:05AM
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Media ID 20130126201113959  
Date Sun Jan 27, '13 04:05AM
Comments 1
Views 1356
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
Date/Time Sun Jan 27, '13 04:05AM
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Well, I did NOT recognize this beautiful place, as I have never been to Hawaii and never saw JP more than once...but with or without that mental imagery, this place is magic. I am particularly enamored of the cloud reflection in the nearby waterscape at right.