A resting moment
In Fagaras Mountains, Romania, returning from Buteanu peak, one friend stopped for a short moment, to admire the view

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Wed Feb 22, '12 11:03AM
Uploaded By: Pop Petru Laurentiu  


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Media ID 20130123084602312  
Date Wed Feb 22, '12 11:03AM
Comments 5
Views 968
Uploaded By Pop Petru Laurentiu
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I can certainly appreciate the trepidation one might have standing on that ledge. One swift wind from behind would blow you over. As a photograph I wish I could see more of the mountain to the top right corner to give a better context (sense of place) as well as a sense of the altitude and relative danger and struggle in being here.
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Wooow!! What a photograph! I don't know who to admire more, the setting, the subject or the photographer! That is one great photo!

I keep coming back to this photo and everytime I am in awe - the scene, the location and your take on it. Absolutely stunning!!!

A super image... I'm undecided as to whether I would like to have seen more of the mountain, or the the drop or leaving the image as is, so that we can see the climber....


 WOW!!!! *speechless*