Waiting for the Sun
This photo depicts one of the first few moments of sunshine in more than three days, on the morning of the July 2010 solar eclipse on Easter Island. It was so exhilarating to have the morning light finally break through, just in time for the eclipse a few hours later. By this moment I had already spent hours setting up for the eclipse that day starting before dawn - soaking wet until this moment. It felt really hopeful and triumphant!

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Sun Jul 11, '10 06:40AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20130116000347712  
Date Sun Jul 11, '10 06:40AM
Comments 3
Views 1287
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Fantastic!!  I saw this earlier, but  did not have time to comment..sorry.  I cannot believe more did not comment on this as your Easter Island pictures are stunning.  The light is excellent and I remember so well standing at that same spot!!   This is a wall hanger....

I am surprised of the few comments here Richard, except for the response I've seen on other images here - who knowswhat will resonate with this crowd! Thank you for your comment!


I'm a bit behind in reviewing and commenting on images. I do love the warm tones of the sunrise on the faces of these statues. At first glance I'm desiring to see the left one in the foreground to be totally illuminated in that warm glow, but then I think "that dark lower half conveys that this is sunrise" and I second guess my initial desire. I really like the ominous clouds as they illustrate the story of the lack of sunshine for days prior to this image. The only nit I have is that it appears a bit tilted to the left and might benefit from clockwise rotation to level out line of buildings below the far horizon.