Little Fluffy Clouds
This is a reflection photo of the rocky cliffs that abut the seaside in Disko Bay off of Ilulissat, Greenland. We went on a midnight Iceberg Cruise in July a few years back, and I was shameless in snapping my shutter many hundreds of times throughout the ride. A great many of the photos I took are utterly forgettable, but with a little contrivance (like this inversion) a few of them become serviceable travel photos! In this case I felt like the mini ice floes resembled a cloudscape.

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Sat Jun 27, '09 06:25PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20130106202027776  
Date Sat Jun 27, '09 06:25PM
Comments 5
Views 1195
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Date/Time Sat Jun 27, '09 06:25PM
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I immediately recognized this photo for what it was before I read your caption.  Very creative!

Before reading your description, I thought it looked like a billboard that was flaking apart. Great effect, but invertign the image is no fair to us literally minded people! Smile


That is great creative thinking after the fact. Way to salvage the image.

If you were not to read this, as I did not for a little while, this image had me optically going!   Very clever and creative with great colors boosted to emphasize the buildings.  I wonder how Greenland is now compared to when you were there awhile ago.    Well done!

Thanks all! This was fun to play around with and rewarding to resolve through the inversion. The magic hour that far north really stretches out, providing excellent light for literally hours. I'll post some iceberg shots too as those come in all sorts of bizarre shapes!