Alhambra by night
Alhambra, Granada, Spain

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Wed Jan 02, '13 04:11AM
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Media ID 20130102041144626  
Date Wed Jan 02, '13 04:11AM
Comments 4
Views 2662
Uploaded By unknown
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Anna, a beautiful and majestic place in Spain and how you have composed the Alhambra in the image is spot on..well done.  Gold and blue...always a favorite of mine too.  Really hope to see more and welcome!

great image....

Very nice composition and texture, and very fine color scheme as noted above.

Anna, you've done a great job capturing the Alhambra. I was in Granada last November and posted a similar shot (posted on November 20th). It looks like there was a bit more snow on the mountains when you were there. I like how you've focused in on the two palaces, with the snowy mountains in the background, rather than shooting the wider shot which includes the fort.