New Technique - Sichuan Province, China
I have been reading about some new techniques with blending mulitple images and this once my first attempt. There are two images here with the first being the snowy foreground with the trees in the lake. I add the mountains in the background that were taken in the same area. Let me know if you think this worked out well. First snow in the Daixu Mountains in Sichuan Province.

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Fri Oct 14, '11 04:14PM
Uploaded By: Richard P Schoettger  


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Media ID 20121222031625145  
Date Fri Oct 14, '11 04:14PM
Comments 7
Views 1324
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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Hi, Richard.  I like this image very much.  The composition and tonal range are both appealing.  I don't care for the tall, straight tree on the left, though.  It just jumps right out to me because it doesn't fit with all of the other bent and twisted shapes.  I also wish that this was not a composite image.  I know that composites have been done since long before the advent of digital photography, but for some reason the integrity of an image is diminished for me if I know that it's a composite.  I always feel disappointed whenever I see a great image, only to learn that it wasn't taken as a single shot.  That being said, I still think that this is a great photo.

Thanks Roger and I actually 100% agree with you on composite images.   This is the first time I tried to do this and love to get everyone's thoughts.  Yours is very appreciate too..especially the trees!  

I have to say I'm 100% in agreement with Roger about that straight tree, and about being disappointed when I learn that an amazing photograph is not a single frame. I think some amazing scenes can be constructed and I enjoy seeing them as long as the creator discloses it as you have done. For this particular image, this scene almost seems unreal. The lake scene doesn't seem snowy relative to the mountains added in the background. Perhaps it is my own lack of exposure to the region and misperception of what to expect.

Editor, Travel Photographers Network

Thanks for the input....I did not think of that straight tree being that dominate until you both mentioned yet....but I agree as I reviewed more.   Regarding the image, this was an experiment as I have never combined images like this in the past.  I notice photograhers changing skies and other items in an image and if the occasion ever arose, I thought I would see if merging images would work.  So...thanks again! 

 Richard I also have to agree with the others


Looking at this photograph it is a work of ART the hues and use of Sepia.

You have taken 2 photos and very Artistically put them together to make 1.

 this is PHOTO ART  and I would very happily put it up in my home.

Excellent work from my point of view.


hi Richard,

as a work of art, this is brilliant.. I agree with Avi here....

I think in todays world with all the tools we have at our disposal we have to be able to make images like this, because others surely are going to do it... and possibly sell them as well...

I do agree that the photographers should disclose that they are making composite images, 

looking at this, I think both images would have been pretty good individually in any case. So well done..


I agree about the straight tree, but apart from that it is a lovely image. As long as photographers are honest and upfront about manipulating/merging images I have no problems with it at all and can apreciate this for what it is.