Tenaya 500 miles north of New Zealand
Sailing from New Zealand to Vanuatu June 2012. It's about a thousand miles and at the speed we travel that's about 8 days. My wife and I have spent the past 2 seasons in Vanuatu and will probably return again in 2013.

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Mon Dec 03, '12 06:52AM
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Media ID 20121203065242142  
Date Mon Dec 03, '12 06:52AM
Comments 6
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Welcome James!   OK...now that we know each other, take me with you!   I am excited to see you join and hopefully share more of your images from this area.  Vanuatu is perhaps my favorite island in this area of the world with so much diversity in each island.   This looks like an exciting way to get there and love the image above as it captures the feeling of being out in the high seas quite well.   Again...welcome!

What an introduction! Welcome to TPN! I love this photograph.
Editor, Travel Photographers Network

Thanks for the very nice comments!  I have enjoyed looking at other photos on the site over the past few months (when we are in a place with internet!) and enjoy the critical comments. 

I will keep posting photos and will welcome any comments that help me learn to do better.


Thanks for a very nice site and what appears to be a great community.



It's a long way, but fly to Vanuatu and join us for some time staying in a remote village.  I'll help you meet everyone, we can have fun eating the local food and you can teach me about photography.

See you soon??

Hi James...Wow...I will have to take you up on that someday!  Not too far from Singapore where I live.  Teaching photography???  Well....we can share our talents together.   Happy sailings!

James you have now got Richard excited and he has probably bought tickets allready Wink Welcome and it really does look exciting out there.