Tanna family photograph
On the remote island of Tanna in Vanuatu few people have a picture of themselves or their family. Over the past 2 years I have spent a lot of time photographing the people of Vanuatu, but nothing is better than printing a family photo for these wonderful people.

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Mon Dec 03, '12 05:50AM
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Media ID 20121203055008856  
Date Mon Dec 03, '12 05:50AM
Comments 2
Views 1202
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Very nice with capturing the family, home and the surroundings.   People seem sincere and welcoming.  Next time, take the Canon Selphy printer (with battery) with you to give them prints back on the spot.  Fantastic way to go!

Thanks.  The people are very friendly.  We spend time talking and asking about things before I take any pictures.  And taking a picture of their kids and showing them the back of the camera wins everyone over.

We do have a Epson Picture Mate printer and while it does have a battery I usually return to our boat, play with the pictures in Lightroom and then print the ones I want to give.  We have purchased cheap plastic frames at Walmart for special photos and a bunch of 36 shot photo albums (4x6 since that is the printer size and the largest we can have on a small sailboat.)