Indian Ocean sunrise
the sunrise at Cape Vidal in South Africa, the weather hadn't been good, the photography the day before quiet, so I was prepared to take images of anything...

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Sat Aug 25, '12 02:28AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20121116013832487  
Date Sat Aug 25, '12 02:28AM
Comments 3
Views 1257
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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Wow, that sun is Neon Pink, Andrew! Did you toy with the color in post processing or did it really look that way to you on the scene? I have never myself seen the sun appear this way and it is really something, especially in contrast to the greenish waves. Nice shot!

 Hiya Patrick, 

thanks, the sun was pink and the sea was a rough greenish colour; but I will admit, I have slightly tweaked the saturation and contrast, and it made the two stand out... my artistic license I guess.

At present I'm going through a bit of a photographic depression. We have had, with one weekend exception, continual rain since I returned from Europe.. and I have organised now for three weekends (excepting the good one) to go for an aerial shoot with a buddy in his helicopter and then it pours and the clouds come down... and this weekend looks the same ;-(



Thanks Andrew for the candid nfo! I am the last person you will ever hear denigrating words about post-processing from, so I applaud your initiative and vision!

On closer inspection I do notice some dust spots that would be super easy to clone out of the sky, so I recommend that effort. Otherwise - thanks again for posting this imaginative photo!

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