That Candid Smile
During our Photowalk, these two kids caught my attention and I find them interesting to shoot.

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Sun Aug 12, '12 09:58AM
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Media ID 20121108003215890  
Date Sun Aug 12, '12 09:58AM
Comments 6
Views 1526
Uploaded By unknown
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Hi Kenneth! I would love to know where this was shot. Clearly southeast Asia but not sure if Thailand, Indo, Philippines??

It is a terrific portrait, very effective. The subject is so immediate and his expression really grabs you, and then the juxtaposition of the background child peering around him curiously. This is top notch.

Hi Patrick! I'm from Philippines, and I shot this near the beach.


Thank you so much for your comment Smile ,luckily I framed this shot like this.
I'll be posting more of my shots here. 

Great portrait, sharp and expressive. Wondeful catch.

 Thanks Boris Smile lucky shot Big Grin

Very nice shot of this boy that tells of how happy kids can be.   Well framed and I love the interested boy in the background.   Well done and really hope to see more from you Kenneth!  

 Thanks Sir Richard, I'll just upload more photos and hopefully I'll get good catch like this one Big Grin