Hi everyone! My name is Lori and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I am a recent photography graduate / adventure photographer. I love most types of photography but travel / adventure, macro, and highspeed would have to be my faves and I love the unusual or different. My partner and I have started adventuring and plan to conquer Australia (our home) first, then the rest of the world photographing everything as we go. We have recently started up a travel blog together, and I, a photography blog and hope that these will encourage others to get out there and enjoy this beautiful world in all it's glory. I look forward to experiencing all of your adventures through your eyes and hope you can enjoy mine as well. Cheers

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Hi Lori! Welcome to TPN, it's a breath of fresh air to hear from a new member who is just about to go capture a great many ambitious adventures with your camera! Wish I was in your mode myself at the moment, but alas I am mired in three young kids, so for me it looks like America's National Parks for awhile ;-)

I am really looking forward to seeing your works here and reading about your travels! I'll have to keep posting stuff from my past travels so I hope you like some of those as well. Please provide your blog links when you start posting images.

Hi Patrick,


Thanks for the warm welcome.  It's been a little hectic around here lately so my replies have been a little lacking, sorry about that. 

Unlike yourself I do not have kids, and am taking full advantage of that while I can, I hope you manage to find some time to get out there and travel a bit soon.  Are they old enough to go with you?

I look forward to seeing your pics and since you mentioned it, I have a website ( that I need to fix the blurb on) but check it out anyway if you like   loripiquemal.com   and a photoblog  loripiquemalphotography.tumblr.com    and a travel blog with my better half Roo  http://wheretonextblog.wordpress.com which we have only just started.

Hope to chat soon.



Actually so am I when you here of all those plans of travelling the world

Would love to see your work and enjoy your travels.


Hi Lori. Welcome to our little corner of the globe we call TPN. We look forward to seeing your work and hearing your feedback on ours. We are always looking for new articles too, so feel free to contribute as you can. We love articles on destinations, photo gear and accessories, capture and processing techniques, book reviews, you name it. If it has to do with traveling or photography, we are interested.

Hey Walter,

Thanks for the warm introduction.  I look forward to checking out more on the site and seeing what I have to offer and learn


Welcome Lori and hope to see more from your adventures as they occur!   The world is a glorious place and there is not enough time to see it all. although I am trying the very best I can.  I am based in Singapore for now and I often visit Sydney on business.   Maybe I will drop a note someday soon.  Same..if you ever pop up here, let me know.   Good luck and enjoy!

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the lovely welcome.  What do you do in Singapore?  Some of my family live in Hong Kong, so I get to visit them, I'll let you know.  Also, if you're in Sydney, let me know, maybe it'd be a great opportunity for an impormptu shoot. Smile

Hiya Lori,

welcome to TPN, nice to see you on board and I'm looking forward to seeing your images... 

If you're ever in Southern Africa you're welcome to give me a shout...



Hey Andrew,

Cheers, will do.  Have always wanted to visit Sth Africa.  Smile