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This shot was taken on the beach in Bournemouth, Dorset UK. They have built an underwater wave wall which apparently did not work, but that does not stop surfers and they are braving the sea whatever the weather.

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Wed Oct 17, '12 01:07PM
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Media ID 20121024053539974  
Date Wed Oct 17, '12 01:07PM
Comments 3
Views 1363
Uploaded By unknown
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Date/Time Wed Oct 17, '12 01:07PM
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Very nice positioning of the surfers walking into the surf with their frame and boards in sharp contrast to the greyness of the day.  I kind of wished ther would have been some more water on the beach to get their full reflections, but that is really very minor.  Your title captured my feeling quite well....well done. 

I'm with Richard as to the composition here - very effective.

I probably would have darkended the sky to bring out more drama (I assume it was darker than this to your eye, knowing how the camera usually averages the exposure for ambient light).

Thank you guys for your comments. I might try to experiment with this shot. In post production I actully whent the opposit way to what you are suggesting, Patrick, and lightened it up so there is as littel sky or sea deatil as possible to give the feel of sureal infinity. But the version on this website looks a tad too dark exposing the deatils. Trying to figure out where the problem is: my monittor, resizing, saving....