The street trader in Jaisalmer had given up on trying to get the punters to his stall. Has he discovered Facebook?

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Sun Nov 06, '11 02:25AM
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Media ID 20121021063206278  
Date Sun Nov 06, '11 02:25AM
Comments 3
Views 3336
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Very good composition here as I like the hanging line drapped with material across the orange wall with the man sitting in the lower right.  Colors are well done too and you perhaps good punch them up a little more.   I cannot get the idea of what he is doing though as his hand is covering too much and I would love to know what a punter is!!  :-)   For Americans, it is a kicker in football and that is all I know.   Very good lighting too as it appears a little challenging with the shadows and sunlight.

Thank you Richard for your comments. Well, a customer in UK is sometimes call "a punter", Would love to tell you why, but I will have to look it up myself.

Vita, very effective juxtaposition of the figures on the rug walking off to the left, while the distracted merchant is very much preoccupied and firmly seated on the right!