Autumn in Jiuzhai Gou National Park
One of the more famous National Parks in China is Jiuzhai Gou, which in October brings thousands of visitors due to the fall colors...and rightfully so. This pristine area offers dramatic colors, absolutely clear lakes, many waterfalls all contained within a dramatic mountain range. The Chinese govenment has done a great job with setting up the area to restict people from "soiling" the area with long wooden pathways throughout the park. While good, the place was packed and tough to move around at times, especially when trying to capture a good shot. This was one of the lakes with water so clear, you can see the bottom.

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Sun Oct 21, '12 10:56AM
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Media ID 20121021031231261  
Date Sun Oct 21, '12 10:56AM
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Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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